It is done! – Soul Prison

After four months working on an outline/coming up with ideas, and six months of writing and editing, it is finally…

“Soul Release” – A Short Sample!

“What the Hell?” a young teenager of eighteen yawns in confusion. He opens his deep green eyes and tussles his short, golden blonde hair. At first, what he sees while looking around goes in one eye and out the other. Then slowly, he begins taking in the white substance below him and the darkness above, the only light coming from tiny specks and one greater glob of yellow.

Telling Two Sides of the Story?

Tales of Good and Evil, when combined, what remains?

Interview #2 – An Angels Words – Light

An Interview with an Angel!

The Ancients and the Innocent

Once upon a time, in a magical place far off, but not too far, there existed a magical realm called Donkey.

Character Interview #1 – Risan Ingel

I thought it would be cool to do character interviews and ask questions to the characters of my books “Soul Release” and “Soul Prison”. Basically answer from their perspective, and maybe share a few insightful facts about them.

The last words of a book!

Everybody (Authors exclusively) always talks about the beginning of a book… how hard it is to write, the blank page…

“Soul Prison” FREE 05/12/2018 – 5/16/2018

To celebrate the launch of my new book “Soul Prison” I made the first book (Soul Release) free for 5…

Soul Release FREE on AMAZON – 5/8 thru 5/12


Seconds to Death – – – Maybe New Beginnings?

-Currently a short story, maybe one day the beginning of a series! Seconds to Death – A Short Story We…